Addition to my TOTT kit

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#1 Sat, 2016/06/25 - 1:06pm

Addition to my TOTT kit

Happy summer! (if it ever arrives...)

I have come up with another TOTT - tool of the trade - to keep in my geocaching bag of tricks.

Have you ever encountered a log sheet in a nano/micro/bison tube type of container that someone has crammed back inside the cache because they don't know how to re-roll it properly? Did you wonder how to prevent that from happening again? Here's something I have been doing in my own caches as well as for most rolled-up style of replacement logs I carry in my caching bag. This works much better if you have a spare log sheet handy to practice on.

Find an ordinary plastic drinking straw, making sure that your rolled-up log sheet fits inside the straw snugly. Colour really doesn't matter, but I happen to have a nice red one so it stands out more. Grab some scissors and cut a piece off the end of the straw, not quite as long as the log paper. Insert the log paper, and you're done! How easy was that?

Don't have any drinking straws around the house? Visit your nearest 7-11, or check around the garbage cans at your local park. You can usually find quite an assortment. I keep 3 or 4 different sizes on hand for the different types of container. They work equally as well for official store-bought RITR logs sheets as they do for DIY scraps of note paper. I always keep a few (along with some short pieces of assorted straws) in a plastic film can in my grab & go bag.

I'm still looking for a straw small enough to fit inside those pesky little plastic snap cap centrifuge vials, though. When the paper inside one of those gets wet, good luck getting it out in one piece!

Gary (aka Highlander 71)