All the amazing answers to the questions you might have.

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All the amazing answers to the questions you might have.

Sat, 2016/06/18 - 1:57pm

What you need to know!


Things to Bring:


-       A positive attitude, sense of adventure and a willing suspension of disbelief

-       Transit daypass or monthly pass (for those using transit). All travel is one zone on weekends.

-       Appropriate clothing

-       Disguise (optional)

-       Snacks. The route is largely urban but you may not wish to take the time to stop for food

-       Hydration

-       Sunscreen or raingear as appropriate


Per Team:

-       GPS (may be handheld or on phone)

-       Digital camera (may be standalone or on phone)

-       Smartphone with a QR Code reader installed

-       Writing implement

-       $10.00 registration fee to help cover the cost of the event


At registration each team will receive a Dossier containing important information as well as tools to assist in your quest.


Email to register your team.  We can put people together if necessary.



1.    This is designed to be a fun activity more than a competition. Please keep that in mind.

2.    Teams must stay together at all times. 

3.    The scoring will be a combination of total time, success in gang member captures, photo “clues” found, “evidence” collected, and perhaps a few other mystery bonuses

4.    Teams may phone or text for hints if needed – there will be demerit points for assistance (unless it is determined that game pieces are missing). No hints will be given for the photo clues hunt.

5.    For the Photo Clues Challenge teams will be issued a token that must be prominent in every photo claimed.

6.    Bonus points may be awarded by the organizers for evidence of good sportsmanship reported by other teams or operatives along the route.

7.    The wrap up is from 4:00 – 6:00.  Teams should make sure to arrive in time to have their scores calculated.  We will not be able to access the hall much earlier than 4:00. We will have tags for teams to claim in order of arrival. Awards and draws will take place at 5:15. There will be light food available.

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