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#1 Thu, 2016/05/26 - 11:31pm

Call for help!

I am posting the following on behalf of my geocaching nephew, Birdseecer, who lives on Pender Island. Please give it a read and feel free to contact me (or Birdseecer) if you have any ideas that might help.
aka Highlander 71

Hello fellow geocachers! I am hoping you can help me to retrieve a missing backpack. This past Monday, May 23, I was traveling through Manning Park and stopped to find GC1M4T5 : Cambie Creek, which is located at N49 06.697 W120 50.583, just a ten minute or so drive from Manning Park Resort.

Unfortunately, I must have set my caching backpack down near the hide and then returned to my car without it. I was in the Lower Mainland before I noticed it missing and did not have time to go back for it before catching a ferry home to be at work the next day. I contacted the parks people at Manning, but they did not get around to looking for it until four days later and said that they could not find it where I had told them to look. They suggested that perhaps an animal had carried it off.

I know this could be a long shot, but I also know how good cachers can be at finding much smaller containers in the woods! This is not made of Tupperware, but is a small camo-coloured green day pack that contains my cell phone, journal, bird book, a half-dozen Travelbugs, and a modest collection of TOTT. I am willing to part with a couple of nice limited-edition geocoins if I can get everything back in good condition, as well as a guided tour of 80 Pender Island caches, and my enduring gratitude.

I am unable to get back over there until early July to have a look, so if you are passing through before then, please stop and have a look: besides that cache doesn’t get found very often even though it in only a two minute walk from the highway.

Thanks! Birdseecer


Fri, 2016/05/27 - 5:28pm

Call for help!

Wow, that was quick! A kind cacher near Hope drove to GZ and he managed to locate the backpack. We are now in the process of figuring out how to get it back in Birdseecer's hands. Kudos to Kev_MacD (formerly KNL Caching) for the rescue operation, and a zillion karma points are now headed his way. Geocachers are the best!!

Sat, 2016/05/28 - 9:00am
Catapult Jeff
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That was amazing!!!!!  A HUGE

That was amazing!!!!!  A HUGE HIGH FIVE TO KEVIN!!!!!!

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