Camino's revenge: the slideshow

Friday, October 20, 2017 - 17:30 to 19:00
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We've all done hikes we're proud of  - lets welcome layzee_bones back from his looong hike in a most beautiful part of the world and look at some of the amazing photos he's captured along the way. 

Details haven't been worked out but I'm sure if we all brought some snacks for each other to discover as well as your own lawn chair, we'll all have a great time enjoying the modern version of a slideshow (previews on layzee-bones twitter account btw). 

Lets meet just before sunset (aprox 6pm) about 5:30 and have a chat before the photos begin.We'll probably be chilled enough by 7:00 and want to hunt out the nearest hot chocolate venue.  

PS. the word 'revenge' in the title,  doesn't refer at all to anything scatalogical, just the toll the the pavement demands on a 500 MILE walk.