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#1 Sun, 2016/05/08 - 12:53pm
Catapult Jeff
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City Caching

I was asked why I don't seem to be caching all that much anymore.  It didn't take me long to explain why I don't like caching in the city.  I much prefer  non urban geocaching.  It wasn't until I really thought about it did I finally understand so many other geocachers.  I mean I used to find any kind of cache, it didn't matter where it was.  If I wanted to find it I when out to find it.  Would I couldn't figure out was why some geocachers only found ones of certain terrain or higher, only while hiking, only if you could get there on transit or 4 X 4 only caches. They did it for the adventure.  I thought they were weird.  A cache is a cache isn't it?  Either way you get a smilie and add to your number count.  

So many caches over so many years has caused me to forget one from another.  I used to be able to tell some one on the phone how to find a cache.  I remembered each find. I missed that.  And I realized I missed the adventure.  That's why I cached.  The adventure.  I don't find adventure in city caching.  I find it in being out beyond the street lights, up a trail or down a logging road.  My caching for the last few months hasn't been to find new caches for myself but to take others to some of the caches I remembered that were awesome and fun.  Sure my numbers haven't been going up.  Does that really matter to me?  Nope.  My sense of adventure has.

This brings me to the point.  Is there any good city caches around ( that don't require stupid amount of time sitting in front of a computer to fnd)?  

Wed, 2016/06/01 - 11:02am

That is a good point that you

That is a good point that you made with the adventure of geocaching.  Thats why I love geocaching & what drew me to it to begin with.  A lot of my geocaching friends have left geocaching for Munzeeing.  I personally don't like munzeeing and I want to still geocache.  

Real life, my health and my job sucked me up for pretty much the past year & I have barely cached.  I have also felt very much like my life has been all work & no play & i even relapsed & fell ill again - I really believe that being outdoors in nature helps the soul, body & mind.  I really crave & miss the adventure & nature.

As I get back into geocaching again, I will be doing a lot of solo caching, and the adventures in the woods as a single female scares me.  Thats the number one reason why I quit my cache a day at day 195.  Walking along the Shell Road trail at 11:30 pm (I was stuck at work late & had some real life issues going on) and I thought what am I doing?  My boyfriend (Breetay) doesn't like to cache near as much as me, nor does he like long hikes or day adventures, plus we work opposite schedules - him nights, me days with different weekends - so, that puts me back in the solo caching category & stuck mostly city caching (but in some cities even that is just as dangerous if not more dangerous!).

I decided to get back into it all this year, and start hosting events again - hopefully in doing so I can meet others within the caching community that can come out & cache so I am not solo.  Often with everyone's busy schedules and different days off, it can be tricky meeting up with others.  Sometimes some of us don't have the choice to do non-urban caches as much as we would like to - we can't get there, or it's not safe to go solo, or well - I don't want to hike all by myself - I am not in shape yet - but I want to get more in shape & do more things.  How do you get out & do & see more things wihtout the people or opportunity to do so? It can be a viscious circle.

Like yourself, I am very curious about some more exciting city caches.  I see a lot of puzzle or mystery caches, which I haven't done much of & should learn more of them.  I find after working a 10+ hr day, I dont want to think out a puzzle or like you said, sit in front of the computer to find places to go. (hence also why I am going to try to start "scheduling" times out again).

Sat, 2017/02/18 - 9:35am

Looking for someone to geocache with in the Tri-Cities/ area

I'm looking for someone to go out geocaching with....I'm free most days/ me if you're heading out to geocache

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