Goodbye 2018/Hello 2019 Events

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#1 Sat, 2018/12/08 - 12:58am

Goodbye 2018/Hello 2019 Events

I realize this website and these forums don't see many visitors these days, but I'm not on social media (yep, I'm a dinosaur!), so I'm kind of hoping someone who is facebookish or is a tweeter might see this and spread the word.

I am looking forward to attending a pair of the annual geocaching events that celebrate the drawing to a close of one caching year and welcome the arrival of the next, but being a transit-focussed cacher based in North Vancouver, I will have considerable difficulty in attending the presently scheduled meetups in Surrey's Fleetwood Park..

What I am hoping for is some kind soul who is willing to step forward to join me in co-hosting two of these events located closer to home. I would have no problem hosting the December 31st Farewell 2018 event (I've got the day off from work!). Unfortunately, on January 1st I would need to be on my way to work by noon so I require a volunteer to look after the Welcome 2019 event.

Since the other events are out in Surrey (I checked Translink's Trip Planner and bus travel there or back will take me about 2 hours each way) I hope we could host our events at one of these potential sites I have scouted out: North Vancouver's Bridgman Park, Trillium Park in Vancouver, Burnaby's Central Park, or in New Westminster we could choose between Queens Park or Hume Park. 

Common to all these parks are a few useful amenities: close to transit routes, especially skytrain; picnic shelter in case of rain (or snow); ample parking for vehicularly-inclined cachers (love those automobile travel bugs!).

If you'd like to toss your geocaching hat into the ring, or you know someone who would be interested, please send me a message on's message centre rather than here on this forum (although I WILL be checking in from time to time anyway). We'll need to act quickly because event caches must be submitted no less than 2 weeks before the intended date. That means I have to get my act together before December 17th.

I hope to get some feedback pretty quickly. It would be great if another pair of events involving less travel time were to suddenly appear before then, but I won't hold my breath. Let me hear from you!

Gary (aka Highlander 71)