layzee_bones Potluck Birthday BBQ

Sunday, June 2, 2019 - 16:30 to 18:30
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02 June 2019, 16:30 - 18:30

Hi all!

I am megandoesthings, but most of you may actually know me as layzee_bones’ other half. I have decided to take the reins on Ian’s annual bday bbq event so he can enjoy himself with everyone!


While layzee_bones’ actual birthday falls on June 6th, we are holding this event on June 2nd


As we live near this park, we figured that a Potluck BBQ event would make for a really awesome get-together bringing people from all over the lower mainland to one place to enjoy a meal in the park and celebrate LB’s day. 


The event will begin at 4:30p at the posted coordinates and we’ll be bringing Ian’s stand-up BBQ out into the park to help grill whatever shows up.


We will be providing some hot dogs, and some hamburgers (also veggie burgers) with some basic fixings, but as this is a potluck I am hoping that each attendee can bring something to the table (literally and figuratively) in terms of food that can be shared at the feast. Suggested Food Items:


-Hot dogs 

-Other BBQ worthy meats?

-Buns (for both hotdogs and burgers)

-Assorted Salads

-Fruit (watermelon, fruit platter, etc)


-Assorted Desserts

-Condiments (I will have Ketchup Relish and Mustard on hand)

-Drinks (Pop, Juice, Water)

-Whatever else you deem a good fit for a BBQ Potluck


Also, we unfortunately we only have a limited number of patio chairs and tables that we can bring out to GZ, so if you have lawn chairs or fold-out tables make sure to bring them! Please let me know if you can bring these :D


If you could please mention what you plan on bringing in your log, that way everyone can see what's coming and plan accordingly that would be awesome! :) 


Can't wait to see you all there!