Park and Grab caches?

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#1 Fri, 2016/04/08 - 10:23am

Park and Grab caches?

Hi everyone!

Wowsers, work life and other things sucked me up for awhile & I been inactive.  I am trying to get back into being active again.

My boyfriend Breetay would like to cache more again too and wants to come with me sometimes, however he has an injury to both his ankles and he can't walk far at all.


Does anyone have a bookmark list of park & grab caches for the lower mainland that don't require much walking, hiking or anything?  

I know I can use the pocket query and do a filter search on attributes & make a list - and I will probably do that, just thought I would ask first if anyone has any handy or have any suggestions?


Thanks so much! :)

Sun, 2016/04/10 - 5:08pm

P & G caches

In the Langley area there is the RSC series - Road Side Caches - they are mostly close to parking.


Mon, 2016/04/18 - 10:10am (Reply to #2)

Thank you!  I will certainly

Thank you!  I will certainly let Breetay know & hopefully we can get out & do that series :)

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