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#1 Wed, 2017/08/09 - 10:07pm


I listened to the Caching in the North West podcast #109 and this topic was discussed.  Their comments appeared to be supportive for this program. 

I visited the site and authorized it to view my stats at 

Project-GC seemed to be in agreement with the GSAK stats that I currently have on my profile page.  This program has a few more stats but after 5 or 5 how many are really needed?. 

I checked out the Challenge Checker but unless I pay the $23/yr US for the membership there didn't seem to be enough filters to not get Challenges from all across Canada.  I did look through a few and found 3 or 4 in BC that I qualify for.  If I worried about Challenges I suppose I would be happy.

I did not find a Help section or a User manual to help sort through everything that the program appears to do.  Upcoming events and reminders about said events was mentioned on the podcact, but I assume that is a paid feature as I didn't notice it in my quick look see.

Has anyone else used Project-GC?  Does anyone have any comments + or - ?