UV caches?

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#1 Wed, 2017/11/08 - 10:19am

UV caches?

Greetings fellow cachers!

I need to pick your brains. I'm looking for information about caches in our vicinity that require the use of a UV light. I know this forum doesn't see many visitors these days but I'm not on social media so I'm sort of hoping someone who frequents those sites can perhaps ask around within the geocaching community.

I am wondering if there exists a bookmark list of UV caches somewhere out there. Pretty much anything within about 120km of Vancouver would be appreciated.

My searches on geocaching.com have yielded sparse results but I don't know if that's because UV caching hasn't caught on, or because cache owners aren't including the UV light attribute on their cache pages. I found the only UV cache in our fair city (GC4EJ9F) and it was fun to do, but it only made me want more.

I have a UV cache of my own in the planning stages. My potential hiding spot in North Van is currently behind construction fences but it should be ready to go before the end of this year.



Fri, 2017/12/29 - 6:58pm
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UV caches

I have picked up some TOTT for this type of hide. Keep an eye on Burke Mountain in the spring of 2018.


Mon, 2018/01/01 - 10:19am

UV caches

Great to hear from others who are interested in the idea. I am still fine-tuning my version. I need to improve its effectiveness in daytime. Visited my potential cache site yesterday and it looks to be about 90% done. I hope to have the cache in place before the end of January.

Cache on!

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