On the way to Wescan 6

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#1 Thu, 2016/06/23 - 11:38am

On the way to Wescan 6

AFTR and I are on our way to Cold Lake Alberta for Wescan 6 - by way of Winnipeg!  As someone in Abbotsford said as we started this journey - "You really need a map!"  Too true.


We made it to Winnipeg and on a slow day thought that popping across the border into the USA we could get 2 states North Dakota and Minnesota with no problem.  This is my log for

Wouldn't It Suck To Break Down Out Here?  GC2E2DV .


It would also suck to get stuck out here. I have a 4x4 so thought this would be a piece of cake. Wrong!


I had heard, somewhere in my minds deep dark recesses that prairie mud can be quite "interesting".


Never did I think it was like this. It had been raining on and off while we drove down from Winnipeg but I thought nothing of it, until we were a 100 meters into the farm road and I was fishtailing all over. Even in 4 wheel the truck did not want to track in a straight line and I was too scared to stop and try to back out.


So - onward to the cache with the rain continuing to fall. Large globs of mud were flying out to the side, straight ahead where we caught up to them and had them land on the windshield and thudding against the undersides. If you went too slow the truck headed for the ditch, if you went too fast - same thing.


The numbers counted down to the cache and there was a turn - oh joy! Managed to get the truck turned and stay on the road and get stopped - woo woo!


Not a rock to be seen! After climbing out of the cab and walking about 10 feet we found out about the amazing stickiness of prairie mud. Each boot weighed about 10 lb and you CAN NOT get it off! The wheels of the truck were turning in a tunnel of mud inside the wheel wells, the side rails were covered, as were the mirrors, hood and mud guards ( what a misnomer!).


Finally found the rock, the cache and managed to move my mud encrusted boot enough to give the rock a good kick (where NO mud fell off!). We slowly trudged back to the truck and managed to pry off enough of the sticky substance to be able to drive.


Slowly got the truck started in the direction of the far off "normal" road - where it appeared as if a train was stopped across the road. I had a momentary thought of turning around at the cache location but wisely gave my head a shake and carried on.


The main road was on my side of the train!! We stopped and stomped around in puddles trying to get the mud off - to mixed success. As I turned and drove down the asphalt, in the mirror I could see a trail of mud on the highway showing where we had been. Drove on to a spot down the road where there was a ditch filled with water where I could clean off the windows and mirror enough to see and most of the goo off the soles of the boots.


All in all a fun experience and a favorite point!!


And I am missing the Gadget Games for this?????