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#1 Thu, 2017/07/06 - 9:43am


Do you know what Wherigo is? Have you found any Wherigo caches? Did you have fun? Would you like to see more Wherigos on the map?

In order to explain why I'm asking, let me give you a little background info. Up until now, my old tech devices have been unable to run the Wherigo cartridges, but when I acquired an Android phone the Wherigo world opened up to me. As some of you may be aware, I manage all of the North Van Public Art series caches on behalf of Lori Phillips, Public Art Coordinator for the North Van Arts & Culture Commssion. I believe if I put these things together, it provides an opportunity for a bunch of new Wherigo caches. Let me explain how.

One of the abilities of Wherigo lies in creating a guided tour. What I see is a chance to develop a North Van Public Art Wherigo Tour series. From day one when I started looking after the Public Art caches, Lori said she didn't want the series to become too big and cumbersome, and rightfully so. I'm kept quite busy maintaining my own caches. But there are always more new and exciting public art pieces that deserve to be featured. That's why you have seen some turnover in the series.

A series of North Van Public Art Wherigo caches could be made to showcase public art where people never noticed it before, perhaps right in their neighbourhood. Themed Wherigo Art Tours could be created to focus on pieces by aboriginal artists, or metal sculpture, or water-related works . What I would like from you is your feedback. Do you like the idea of loading up a Wherigo cartridge and spending some time checking out a bunch of public art, then collecting a smiley at the end of your tour?

Yes, there are concerns regarding access to Wherigo, but with the popularity of caching by smartphone comes the ability to download the app (it's called Whereyougo for Android) to do Wherigo caches, and the cartridges can be played offline so no wifi or data plan is required while out and about.

Please take a minute or two to share your thoughts on my idea. I realize this forum doesn't get a lot of traffic these days so please tell your friends and geocaching buddies about this discussion. Feel free to use social media to spread the word. Getting feedback is like finding geocaches, more is always better! I would particularly love to hear from folks who have created a Wherigo of their own.

Thanks for your time, and cache on!


Sat, 2017/07/29 - 8:42am


I did a WhereIGo in Langley that does a tour of statues with a history of Langley as a loose basic idea.  It would be very simple to do one for the art in North Van.  Send me an email and I can give you any help that I can for your project. 

I am currently in Victoria doing an invisible maze so I can translate that to a WhereIGo maze in Langley that I have about 75% done.


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